The Benefits NGO Get From Having A Website.


A website is a priority for a lot of organizations around the world, including NGOs based in developing countries (e.g. USA, UK, Australia, etc.). But in countries like ours where a big chunk of the population is not aware of the power and importance of an online presence, they not only neglect the benefits of the website but some of them outright think it’s useless, a waste of money.

Let’s look at some of the benefits NGOs get from having a website and decide if it’s a waste of money.

Legitimacy: Show You Are Real

A website helps your organization look more professional in the eyes of your donors and partners. They can verify the existence of your organization by looking at the information on your site. At the very least, a website can provide others with up-to-date contact details and an address for your organization. More robust websites will feature information about the organization, an overview of the projects/programs they run, updates, reports, staff bios, and may even be able to gather donations.

Exposure: Share Your Cause With World

Websites are the best tool out there for communication. A website has direct access to stories from the ground and the website can thus directly communicate such concerns to supporters, donors, and partners. This allows an NGO to keep pace with time, be more connected in society while simultaneously being forthcoming and communicative about their work. Therefore, if you run an NGO, setting up a website would be the first step to attract the attention of people who sympathize with the cause. How else would they find you from any corner of the country if you don’t have an online presence?

Contribution: More Helping Hands

Donations are key to a functioning NGO and your website can help you with that. Millions and millions of people use the internet every day. A professional website will share your cause effectively and draw people willing to help. A website forms a direct, secure and even anonymous platform of privy individuals to contact an organization. Some people do not like direct confrontation, especially in the age of anonymity and the website is a very convenient way for such people to contact and contribute to causes.

24×7: Your Doors Are Always Open

A website makes your NGO available to people around the world anytime they need it. For a generation as internet savvy as ours, it is obvious, how a few hits can significantly change awareness on the World Wide Web. Volunteers and donors will find you even while you’re asleep! How much more one can ask for?

Eco-Friendly: Save Trees

If your organization is about saving the environment, then it makes no sense to have flyers, pamphlets, etc. to promote the cause. A website is an environmentally friendly way of carrying out a campaign as it reduces the waste of paper and also saves you some money to invest in a better cause.

Go ahead, get a website for your non-profit organization, and put your effort on the map! Now if you are looking for a website for your organization or have any queries contact us. And share your thoughts in the comment section.

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